Unique Ideas For Curating A Teacher Appreciation Gift Box

Unique Ideas For Curating A Teacher Appreciation Gift Box

Apr 07, 2022Johnna Rossbach

This year, show your favorite educator some love by treating them with a teacher appreciation gift box. Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs in society, so you know they could use a fun pick-me-up.

The best news? We've done all the work for you by curating ideas for a teacher appreciation gift box that serves all the educators in your life. We've also included ways to incorporate their favorite Mixly products.

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Keep reading to check out all the fun ideas to surprise your teacher with an appreciation gift box that will make them smile!

For the Creative Teacher

This year, surprise your favorite creative teacher with a gift box that services all their creative whims. Whether it's art supplies for them to engage students or a gift that shows off your creativity (like a hand-painted flowerpot or a clever note accompanying one of their favorite items), they'll appreciate your efforts to admire their creativity.

Your creative teacher will also love quirky gifts that may be unusual, like a mug with their face or a bobblehead in their likeness. Pull out all the stops for your creative educator. Here are some ideas:

For the New Teacher

Teaching is challenging, especially when it's their first year. There are many tasks to finish, the demands are high, and resources are often low. To show a new teacher some appreciation, create a gift box that meets all their needs for their first year. Give them gifts they can use in the classroom.

For classroom items, think of things they go through quickly, like pencils, erasers, whiteboard markers, and other resources that both the teacher and the students use. Consider giving them something they haven't purchased much of on their own, like books for their classroom library or a subscription to a magazine or website that offers tips and resources. Here are some ideas:

For the Stressed Teacher

The stressed teacher in your life is likely doing all they can within the school hours to ease the challenges causing their stress. To lift their spirits with a teacher appreciation gift box, focus on how you can help them relax after the bell rings.

Fill their box with self-care items like their favorite scented candle or a bath bomb. Stock it with essential oils that emit calming properties and pair it with a diffuser.

If they'd prefer an experience to relax, consider getting them a gift card for a massage or a facial, or give them tickets to see a movie with some extra cash for concessions.

Your stressed teacher could likely use a drink, too. Whether they enjoy a cocktail or a mocktail at the end of the day, a new shaker set could give them something to look forward to after a particularly stressful week.

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For the Organized Teacher

It's unlikely you'll be able to make your organized teacher even more organized, but you can give them some supplies that you know they'll love. Focus on items they already use so they don't have to re-purchase them independently.

Search for packs of colored pens and highlighters, sticky notes, and labels that they can't get enough of. Check their wish lists or teacher storefronts to ensure you're purchasing their preferred brand.

Include something you know they've had their eye on for a while, like a label maker or a Cricut, if you're willing to splurge. Again, check their wish list for specific ideas.

Your organized teacher probably loves customized items like a coffee cup or a water bottle with their name. And if you give them something to drink out of, pair it with something to drink, like our seasonal flavor sample pack.

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For the Foodie Teacher

Keep your foodie teacher satisfied with the ultimate gift box at home and in the classroom. Fill it with snacks for school time, like individually wrapped items they can share with their students and some of their favorite candies and snacks that they indulge in while the kids are at recess.

Help them prepare for the week at school by getting them some tools for meal prepping, whether a recipe book or containers to store their meals after cooking.

Keep things interesting by offering them a subscription to a specialized coffee or gourmet snack company and sending it right to school to have a fun package to open while on the job. And of course, supply them with food and drinks to enjoy at home. Here are some of our suggestions:

For the Boozy Teacher

When we say boozy teacher, we mean the teacher who enjoys a drink or two when the day is done. If you know a hobby mixologist or a bartender on the weekends, get them something they can use to ease their stress and have a little fun when they're off the job.

Of course, our Mixly mixers will go perfectly in a drink-themed gift box, but so will glasses, reusable ice cubes, unique stir sticks, or a custom bar sign.

There are hundreds of gift options to go in this particular teacher appreciation gift box. These will go over particularly well:

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For the Fashionable Teacher

We all know a teacher who turns every hallway into a runway. It may be difficult, or out of your budget, to give them a piece of clothing to rock at school, but you can still help them maintain their fashionable status with the correct gift box.

Your fashionable teacher probably wants every aspect of their outfit to match, including their lanyard and coffee cup. Give them one or two options for each to coordinate with their different looks.

Gift cards are the perfect ways to supply a fashionable teacher. If you don't know where they like to shop, give them gift cards to stores where they might do other forms of shopping, like groceries or teaching supplies, so they can instead allocate additional funds to their shopping habit. If you'd prefer to give them a tangible gift, opt for accessories. Check out these options:

For the Veteran Teacher

Gifting a veteran teacher can be difficult because they've honed their craft and developed habits using specific items. They may have about all they could need for their classroom, so give them something they can use at home. Fill their basket with things they use for hobbies, like baking pans and mixing bowls or books and journals.

If you want to pair their hobby gift with something nice they can use at school, go for something they can never get enough of, like tumblers or a supportive pillow for their chair. These will all go over well:

For the Soon-to-be-Retired Teacher

Get your favorite teacher, headed for retirement, some unique gifts. If it's their last year, get them something to commemorate their years of service, like a special scrapbook or photo album that holds some of their favorite teaching memories. Cement their legacy with a donation to the school in their name or an item they can leave behind that will remind the remaining staff of their contribution.

If they have one more year left, gift them something memorable they can use with their last group of students, like funding a memorable field trip or purchasing a kit for a neat science experiment.

For any teacher headed toward retirement, prepare them for all their extra time by supplying them with something they can use for enjoyment. Whether it's a book of ideas for someone at a loss for what they're going to do or some particular items for someone who knows exactly how they'll spend their time, help them fill their open days with some thoughtful gifts. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

For the Prepared Teacher

You may be wondering why you need to purchase a gift for a teacher if they're already so prepared, but even the most prepared teacher still needs a refresh.

Whether it's a traveling first aid kit or a fanny pack with their name, get them something to house all of the supplies. Remember that they'll need an updated cache of supplies, so get them everything they like to have on them at a moment's notice: bandages, pencils, tissues, etc. Prepared teachers will love subscriptions, too, because it takes the thought out of restocking their stash.

Find something that will keep them prepared without having to think about it. Here are some options for a teacher appreciation gift box:

No matter what angle you choose when selecting or curating a teacher appreciation gift box, your favorite educator will glow with joy, valuing your thoughtfulness. Happy gifting!

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