Premade mocktails. Handcrafted cocktails. Mixers, made simply.

Blending bold fruit juices, zesty citrus, and golden honey — Mixly uses only the best ingredients to make refreshing, flavorful, and delicious cocktail and mocktail mixers.

Mixers, Made Simply.

We handcraft our cocktail mixers using the best ingredients - honey, a citrus base, and add on layers of flavors from additional fresh juices and herbs.
Cucumber Margarita Recipe

Cucumber Margarita Recipe

Your new go-to drink of the summer... the cucumber margarita. This new cocktail recipe is a refreshing take on a classic margarita and features a delightful combination or bright, refreshing flavors. The best part - it's super easy to make!
Summer Cocktail Kits

Summer Cocktail Kits

Our favorites sample pack is the perfect summer cocktail kit! Grab a friend and find your favorite sips of the summer.
Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail Recipes

Browse our favorite cocktail recipes! We're always adding new drink ideas and mocktail recipes.
Founder Spotlight: Johnna on International Women's Day

Founder Spotlight: Johnna on International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we are delighted to showcase our very own leader and inspiring entrepreneur, Johnna Rossbach. As the Co-Founder and President of Mixly, Johnna's drive and passion has helped Mixly become an emerging brand in the cocktail mixer industry.

About us

When it comes to making a great cocktail, we believe the key is fresh, quality ingredients.


Cucumber Mint Lime Mixer


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Pure Honey

We add a touch of honey to create a balance cocktail

Fresh Citrus

We use lime or lemon juice as a base for each of our mixers

Bold Juices

We layer in flavor using high quality, fresh pressed juices

Fresh Herbs

Herbs & extracts are added to create complex tasting notes


Kathleen KCustomer

Margarita that doesn't taste fake. Awesome mixer with fresh ingredients. Such a refreshing take on a margarita .

Robyn DCustomer

Best mixer I’ve had! So many mixers that I find at the liquor store are always so sweet. The pineapple basil lime flavor was the first that I’ve tried and it was incredibly refreshing! We used our favorite rum as our liquor of choice and it was so easy to put together. Can’t wait to get more of these for the next get together we have!


Best mocktail mixer ever! All I have to say is wow! This mixed with ginger beer tastes like a fancy Moscow mule. I’m so happy to have found this product. I’ve stopped drinking due to health reasons and these mixers are absolutely fantastic! Highly recommend for drinkers and non drinkers!

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