A Complete Guide to Easter Teacher Gift Giving

A Complete Guide to Easter Teacher Gift Giving

Apr 06, 2022Johnna Rossbach

Why limit the holiday fun to the kids? This year, give your favorite educator an Easter teacher gift.

There are dozens of ways to shower the teacher in your life with appreciation by acting as the Easter bunny.

Here are some of our favorite ways to spoil your teacher around Easter time:

Easter Candy

Candy isn't just for kids on Easter. Even your favorite teacher will be excited to see an assortment of candy for Easter. Whether you give it to them ahead of time to share with their students - perhaps to use as a bribe (we mean an incentive) for good behavior or to congratulate a job well done on an assignment. You can also wait until right before the holiday to give them something to keep for themselves; they'll be grateful for the gesture.

Easter candy

You can even score some bonus points by giving them something you purchased after Easter when all the candy goes on sale.

Supplies—What Teachers Always Need

Supplies are always a good default if you can't think of a gift for your teacher, no matter what time of year or holiday you're celebrating. Teachers are constantly running out of markers, pencils, crayons, glue. And Easter is the perfect time to give them a refresh.

Give them an assortment of supplies you think they're low on right now, and remember that if they don't use everything up before the school year finishes, they can likely save it for next year. Supplies will go a long way with teachers, even if they don't seem like a particularly ideal Easter gift.

Assorted Eggs Make a Perfect Easter Teacher Gift

Don't dart for the store or your local farmers' market to pick up dozens of eggs from various animals. Instead, head to the dollar store for plastic eggs you typically use for an Easter egg hunt and fill them with different items other than candy that will make a difference in their classroom.

Whether it's a lanyard, bookmarks, or even toys they can use as prizes or birthday gifts in their classroom, putting them into eggs will be fun to make essential items a little more exciting to open.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a great gift idea for a teacher. It can be for a standard store where you know they'll be able to find something for themselves or their students. Or it could be to a place specifically for educational resources.

Your teacher will never ask for it but will be grateful if you get them a gift card for something that allows them to pamper themselves. Send them to a nice restaurant or a spa, and they'll be eternally grateful for their little Easter rejuvenation.

Charcuterie Board

You can take this gift idea in a couple of different ways. You could give them a board on which to place charcuterie, pair it with some of the makings for their own, and add a charcuterie board recipe book. You could even give them cheese knives or small spoons.

You can also give them a pre-assembled charcuterie board. It can be full of cheeses, meats, crackers, and fruits you know they love. Or it can be kid-friendly and brought in to share with their students.

Baked Goods

Any holiday is a great time to gift someone baked goods, especially a teacher. If you know they like something, give them a homemade gift from the heart. And don't worry if they end up with leftovers - that's what the teachers' lounge is for.

Easter baked goods

If the school doesn't have a restriction on homemade goods, they could even share with the students. But if you want them to enjoy it all to themselves or share with just their family, send something to their home or have it put right in their mailbox at school.

Mixes to Bake At Home

If your teacher would instead prefer to bake themselves, send them a mix to make at home. Instead of buying a brand you can buy at any grocery store, treat them to an artisan mix of a cookie, cake, or bar that they likely won't be mixing from scratch.

Pair this with a baking pan, a mixing bowl, or anything else they might need to make the concoction for a fun little gift. It will come in handy if they're hosting Easter, making them appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Easter Flowers To Freshen The Springtime Classroom

There is never a wrong time to send a beautiful bouquet to someone you appreciate, but Easter is a perfect time because with spring comes a whole new slew of seasonal flowers to choose from. Have a beautiful bouquet sent to school to brighten their spirits and bring some freshness to the classroom air.

Easter Flowers To Freshen The Springtime Classroom

Ask the florist to add a special touch, like ribbons or a particularly fragrant flower (be sure no students have allergies), and place it in a fun Easter vase.

Drink Mixing Set

No holiday is complete without a signature cocktail. If you know your teacher loves to create their own drinks, get them a drink mixing set. You can buy a pre-assembled one or put together your own that includes a shaker, jigger, muddler, stir stick, and some glassware.

To go all out, be sure to include a mixer or two so they have some options for unique drinks. Our bundles are perfect to go along with any cocktail gift.

mixly products

Classroom Décor

Classroom decor is another safe bet for a teacher. If you are searching for something perennial, make sure you've visited their classroom once or twice, so you know what their style is and how they like to decorate.

If you want to find something seasonal, though, just giving an Easter basket or sign for them to display in their room, or even a pillow, is perfect.

Subscription Packages

A subscription is always a great gift for a teacher. If you get them something for their classrooms, such as new books, school supplies, or students' snacks, it's a great way to take something off their plate and be one less errand they have to run.

On the other hand, if you get them something to only use at home, like a cheese club or chocolate-of-the-month subscription, they'll be happy to receive the gift month after month or quarter after quarter.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Never discount the power of a good puzzle. There are so many available for purchase; it's impossible not to find one your teacher will love.

It could be crossword puzzles or assorted word puzzles in books to keep in the classroom. Or it could be a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle for them to take home and work on over Easter weekend.

If your educator teaches multiple grades, getting a family-style puzzle is a great way to meet the needs of their many students.

Gift Your Teacher Books On Easter

Sure, it's a stereotype that teachers love to read, but you'll find that many do. Books are always a great gift, especially with summer break quickly approaching.

Whether they are planning a summer vacation and need some light reading while on the plane or in the car or want something to curl up with during their spare time, a book is a perfect gift for a teacher.

You can also get them books for their classroom. Teachers are always looking for new books to keep their students engaged, and if you're unsure of the reading level, a safe bet is to get something for the teacher to read aloud.

Fun, Decorative Coffee Mugs

Another classic teacher stereotype? They love coffee. But again, this one rings relatively true, especially at the end of the school year, when your favorite teacher could use all the caffeine they can get.

Get them something to hold whatever liquid is getting them through the day. Whether it's coffee or tea, or even just some water, having a fun mug to drink from will make drinking it just a little easier and remind them that soon they'll be able to drink out of it without interruptions.

Easter Basket Ideas for Teacher Gift Giving

There's always the option to get your favorite teacher an Easter basket. Fill it with multiple items on this list: supplies, gift cards, baking mixes, a book, or a puzzle, and a Mixly product.

Here are some attractive options:

mixly cocktail products

Show them just how much you care with a cute little basket as your Easter teacher gift, complete with all the trappings of a traditional basket: grass, candy, eggs, and more!

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