Our Story

When it comes to making a great cocktail, we believe the key is fresh, quality ingredients. At Mixly Cocktail Co. we never cut corners to ensure every bottle delivers a great drinking experience. We start with the highest quality ingredients, including real fruit and freshly squeezed juices. We use honey to slightly sweeten and balance the flavors, but never to overpower. Whether you’re making cocktails for a crowd, or a mocktail for yourself, the versatile flavors of Mixly will delight and refresh!

Meet the Mixers!

Behind Mixly Cocktail Co. is a group of friends. Some met in college, others through work, but they all came together with their shared love of cocktails.

When hosting a party, the team was frustrated by the time and all the ingredients it took to make a great cocktail. And the mixers found on the shelf were even more disappointing - they were full of preservatives, lots of sugar, and generally didn’t taste good.

So together, they set out to make something different. Never sacrificing freshness or quality, the team tinkered away in their kitchen until they had the perfect recipes. Ones they knew would delight and refresh their friends and family.

From this group of friends to you, we hope you enjoy Mixly! Cheers!

Johnna Rossbach

Founder | President
Favorite Mixly: Coconut Ginger Lime

Megan Sather

Founder | Vice President, Marketing & Creative
Favorite Mixly: Grapefruit Jalapeño

Stuart Yurczyk

Founder | Vice President, General Manager
Favorite Mixly: Cucumber Lime Mint