Mixly Cocktail Co

Mixly Beanie Hat


Embrace winter with Mixly's new beanie! Picture this: you, sipping on a cocktail, wrapped in the softest pistachio-colored hat, rocking a tone-on-tone Mixly logo.

Our pistachio (or lime juice) colored beanie isn't just about keeping you warm; it's about flaunting your favorite mixer company with a touch of whimsy. The green color is like a cozy hug for your head, bringing a breath of fresh air to frosty days and chilly nights. And let's talk about that Mixly logo – it's not shouting; it's whispering "I love Mixly" in the most stylish way possible.

Now, imagine yourself sipping on a rosemary Mixly hot toddy, looking all kinds of cute and cozy. It's the accessory that takes your winter game to a whole new level. Whether you're hitting the snow or just strolling through the city, this beanie is your go-to for turning up the charm.

Snug fit? Check. Cozy vibes? Double-check. The new Mixly beanie is here to make you the Mixly ambassador you were born to be. Pair it with your fave winter coat or throw it on with a chunky sweater – it's the finishing touch that says, "winter's not so bad with a warm beanie and a cocktail."

Get ready to slay the cold in style, because with Mixly's beanie, winter just got a whole lot cuter!