Mixly Cocktail Co

Elderflower Mint Spritz Mixer


Introducing the Mixly Elderflower Mint Spritz Mixer, an enchanting blend of fresh flavors that will whisk you away to a lush garden on the Italian Riviera with every sip.

This 250ml bottle captures the elegance of a classic Italian spritz, blending the delicate floral notes of elderflower with the freshness of lime juice and mint. Crafted from all-natural ingredients like bright botanicals, fresh citrus juice, and a hint of honey, this non-alcoholic spritz mixer makes it effortless to create the perfect summer cocktail.

Each bottle is designed to create five to six 5oz spritz cocktails, this Mixly Spritz Mix is your ticket to effortless and elegant cocktail making. You can make each cocktail as you go, or you can pre-batch Mixly Spritz cocktails with any 750ml bottle of Prosecco and a half a cup of sparkling water. 

Single Spritz Cocktail Recipe (makes 1 spritz cocktail):

  • 1.5oz Mixly Elderflower Mint Spritz Mixer
  • 3oz Prosecco (or any dry sparkling wine)
  • 0.5oz Sparkling Water

Instructions: Simply combine Mixly Elderflower Mint Mixer with Prosecco, top with sparkling water, and serve in a glass over ice. Garnish with a lime slice or a fresh mint sprig.

Batched Spritz Cocktail Recipe (makes 5-6 spritz cocktails):

  • 1, 250ml Bottle Mixly Elderflower Mint Spritz Mixer
  • 2, 750ml Bottle Prosecco (or any dry sparkling wine)
  • 1/2 Cup Sparkling Water

Instructions: To batch your spritz cocktails, grab a pitcher, pour in an entire bottle of Mixly Elderflower Mint Spritz Mixer, an entire bottle of Prosecco and a half cup of sparkling water. Add ice cubes to keep it cool and a few slices of lime or a handful of fresh mint sprigs as an optional garnish. 

Non-Alcoholic Spritz Cocktail Recipe Instructions: in the recipes above, swap out the Prosecco for your favorite non-alcoholic, dry sparkling wine, or simply mix with sparkling water to taste.

The result is a crisp, effervescent drink that tastes sophisticated and elevates any golden hour or celebration.  

Whether you’re hosting a summer garden party, a dinner party, or simply daydreaming of the Italian coast, the Mixly Elderflower Mint Spritz Mixer is the perfect complement to a summer full of sun-soaked memories.