Liquid Luck: A Bewitching Cocktail Recipe for Friday the 13th

Liquid Luck: A Bewitching Cocktail Recipe for Friday the 13th

Oct 16, 2023Stuart Yurczyk


Liquid Luck: A Bewitching Cocktail Recipe for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th - a date shrouded in superstition, magic, and an air of mystery. For many, it's a day filled with caution and fear, but for us wizards, witches, and warlocks, it's an opportunity to embrace the enchanting possibilities that the world of the supernatural offers. So, gather 'round, my fellow magic enthusiasts, for we have a mystical concoction that will make this Friday the 13th unforgettable: Liquid Luck, also known as Felix Felicis.

In the wizarding world, Felix Felicis is a potion that grants the drinker a day of extraordinary good luck. While we can't promise you an entire day of good fortune, we can certainly concoct a cocktail that will infuse your evening with an extra dose of magic and charm. So, grab your cauldron or coupe glass and get ready to create a liquid elixir that will make this Friday the 13th a night to remember.




  1. Begin your mystical journey by gathering all the essential ingredients, for no spell is complete without the right components.
  2. In your chosen cauldron or coupe glass, pour 1 oz of gin, a potion of spirit that will lend this elixir its bold and bewitching charm.
  3. Add 1.5 oz of Mixly's Rosemary Lemon Honey, the nectar that will sweeten your night with a touch of herbal magic.
  4. A dash of edible glitter is the next secret ingredient, chosen not just for its aesthetic appeal, but also for the shimmering enchantment it imparts.
  5. Finally, garnish your creation with a lemon twist, a touch of citrus that brightens the brew and adds a zesty spell to the concoction.

Stirring the Magic:

Now, as any seasoned witch or wizard knows, the key to a successful potion lies in the stirring. So, take your wand - or in this case, a cocktail stirrer - and gently stir the contents of your cauldron. As you stir, focus your intention on the enchantment you wish to bring to this special night. Picture your evening filled with laughter, joy, and a sense of serendipity.

The Spellbinding Sip:

Once your Liquid Luck elixir is thoroughly mixed, raise your glass and prepare to take your first sip. As the elixir touches your lips, let the magic of the moment wash over you. Feel the warmth of the gin, the sweetness of the honey, and the sparkle of the edible glitter. Allow the lemon twist to provide a burst of zesty energy, awakening your senses to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Toasting to Friday the 13th:

Now that you've concocted your Liquid Luck potion, it's time to toast to the most spellbinding Friday of the year. Raise your glass high, and as you do, take a moment to reflect on what this night means to you. Friday the 13th is not a night to be feared, but a night to be celebrated. It's a night of magic, wonder, and endless possibilities.

As you clink glasses with your fellow witches, wizards, and warlocks, remember that you are part of a community that embraces the extraordinary. With your Liquid Luck elixir in hand, may your evening be filled with enchantment, joy, and unforgettable moments. Here's to a Friday the 13th that will be nothing short of magical!


In a world filled with superstition and fear, we, as magical beings, have the power to turn Friday the 13th into a night of wonder and enchantment. The Liquid Luck elixir, inspired by Felix Felicis, is a testament to our ability to infuse everyday moments with magic. So, my fellow witches and wizards, embrace the mystique of this special day, and let your glass never be empty as you toast to the extraordinary. What's your antidote for Friday the 13th? We believe it's a sip of Liquid Luck, a sprinkle of glitter, and a dash of the unexpected. Cheers to magic, my friends! 🥂✨🔮

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