Boo-Berry Jello Shooters Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Boo-Berry Jello Shooters Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Oct 26, 2023Stuart Yurczyk

Boo-Berry Jello Shooters Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to set the mood than with a spellbinding concoction that will send shivers down your spine? Enter the Boo-Berry Jello Shooters – a bewitching blend of gelatin, activated charcoal powder, and Empress Gin that will have your guests under its enchanting spell. But that's not all – we're adding a twist of blueberry lemon sage with Mixly, a dash of gummy eyeballs for that extra eerie touch. In this blog post, we'll reveal the step-by-step recipe to create these chillingly delightful 'Boo-Berry Jello Shooters.'


• Gelatin
• Activated Charcoal Powder
• Blueberry Lemon Sage Mixly
• Empress Gin
• Gummy Eyeballs

Step-by-Step Recipe:

Step 1: Start by putting 1/2 cup of cold water in a bowl.

Step 2: Add two packets of unflavored gelatin and allow them to sit for approximately 10 minutes. This gives the gelatin time to absorb the water, setting the stage for a spine-tingling transformation.

Step 3: In a separate cauldron (okay, maybe just a regular bowl), combine 2/3 cup of Empress Gin with a hint of Blueberry Lemon Sage Mixly. Mix the two ingredients together until the concoction is perfectly bewitching.

Step 4: Add 1/2 cup of boiling water to the mix, ensuring all the gelatin dissolves into the potion. The heat activates the gelatin and melds it into your enchanting elixir.

Step 5: Now, merge your gelatin mixture with the magical cocktail blend. Stir them together until they're seamlessly combined.

Step 6: Fill your potion glasses 3/4 full with this enchanting concoction. These mystical glasses will soon hold the secrets of 'Boo-Berry Jello Shooters.'

Step 7: It's time to let the magic set. Pop your glasses into the fridge for about 2 hours, allowing them to take on the eerie charm of the occasion.

Step 8: Once your potions have set, prepare another gelatin mix. Use 1/4 cup of cold water and 1 packet of gelatin. Be patient as you wait for 10 minutes for the gelatin to absorb the water, just like you did before.

Step 9: Add 1/4 cup of boiling water to the mix, and give it a good stir. This step ensures that your second layer of mystique is just as captivating as the first.

Step 10: Mix in 1/2 cup of Empress Gin, creating another layer of spellbinding spirits. Your potion is now one step closer to perfection.

Step 11: Pour a shallow layer of this gin gelatin mix on top of the already set cocktail mix. This extra layer will create a 'floater' effect that adds to the eeriness.

Step 12: Finally, place gummy eyeballs in the middle of each glass. The gummy eyeballs serve as an unexpected and spooky surprise, taking your 'Boo-Berry Jello Shooters' to a whole new level.

Step 13: Put the glasses back in the fridge for about 30 minutes. This time allows the 'floater' layer to set, and the gummy eyeballs to become even more eerie.

Voila! You've successfully brewed up a batch of Boo-Berry Jello Shooters that are sure to leave your guests enchanted and spooked. These chilling concoctions are not only delicious but visually captivating, making them a perfect addition to your Halloween festivities. Serve them at your Halloween party, and watch as your guests marvel at your mixology magic.

To uncover even more bewitching recipes, explore our cocktail blog, where you'll find recipes and additional tips for creating cocktails for any occasion. Your Halloween gathering will never be the same again, thanks to this eerie elegance in a glass.

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