Best Mixology Gifts for Your Favorite Bartender

Best Mixology Gifts for Your Favorite Bartender

Mar 29, 2022Johnna Rossbach

Gift-giving can be tricky at times but using a person's hobby or profession can provide some helpful inspiration.

If you have a mixologist in your life, whether a professional bartender or a hobbyist, consider getting them a little something to elevate their craft, make their work a bit easier, and inspire creative mixing.

Here are great mixology gifts your favorite bartender is sure to love:

Cleaning Tools

A mixologist's drinks are only as good as their bar is clean. Keeping a clean bar is of utmost importance for a mixologist, as any rogue odors or flavors can alter the drinks. And nobody wants that.

But most importantly, cleanliness is always critical when crafting consumable goods! While cleaning tools may not seem all that exciting, it's a crucial part of a bartender's job. Any idea to make the job easier and more efficient is good!

Consider gifting the mixologist in your life some cleaning tools. Doing so will help keep both their bar area and their tools clean. Nobody wants a dirty jigger!

Many brands make cleaning sets, so you can forgo deciding which items they'll find most convenient and get them something expert-approved. Here are some of our favorites:


Glasses may seem like an obvious gift for a mixologist, but you can get much more creative than a basic set of tumblers. To do this will require you to spend a little time investigating your favorite bartender's glassware inventory, so you know what they have and don't have. If they're your favorite mixologist, spending more time with them is a win-win!

Scout out what they lack and make up for it with a fun set of four. Whether it's a new martini or coupe glass or a set of decorative Collins glasses for muddling ingredients and creating mules, glasses make for an easy gift that is always welcome by a bartender. Check these out:

Cocktail Jigger

When in doubt, gift your beloved mixologist a jigger. They come in several styles, various colors, and some are decorative when looking to add a personal flair.

Whether it's a hobbyist who's new to the art form and hasn't quite perfected the pour, or a professional mixologist who utilizes them to ensure perfection in every drink, every bartender needs a jigger around.

Check out a few popular variations:

Shaker Tins & Shaker Sets

A shaker is like a jigger in its gift-giving usefulness but arguably more useful. No matter your experience, from novice to pro, a shaker is an absolute must-have in a bartender's cocktail-making toolkit.

A shaker set is a great accompanying gift with a recipe book for the newbie because it will allow them to practice and perfect their desired skill. And today, there are hundreds of thousands of options from looks to materials, so you can pick one and be confident they'll love it.

Sure, there are items one can use as a makeshift one, but nothing beats a quality shaker. Don't believe us? The proof is in the drink quality—trust us. Gift the mixologist in your life a fabulous shaker, and you'll be the one who's getting a gift when you taste their concoction.

Our top recommendation is Cocktail Kingdom's Koriko set:

Cocktail Recipe Books

A veteran bartender may not need one, but if you have a rookie in your life or someone who's always looking for something unique to add to their repertoire, gift them a recipe book. There are endless craft cocktail recipe books available today!

Even if your favorite mixologist knows every classic recipe, there's always something new to learn, and there's always an inventive spin on a classic that they'll be happy to learn.

Here are two they'll love:

Both cocktail books are historical classics, with their authors receiving notoriety as the first experts in all things mixology.

Wine Corkscrew or Beer Key

No bartending station is complete without a corkscrew. Whether they're uncorking a bottle of wine or using the end to open a bottle, corkscrews are the perfect gift for your favorite bartender.

To give them a corkscrew they love:

  • Make sure you pay close attention to their bartending and guests' drinking habits.
  • If they are drinking a lot of bottles, make sure you get one with the bottle cap opener on its end.
  • If they serve a lot of wine, try something with a double joint to slide the cork out more quickly.

You can also get a beer key for the drink maker who handles hundreds of caps that don't twist off every night.

There are endless options. Here is a couple to look at:

Ice Molds

For the elegant bartender in your life, get them an ice mold. They're also the perfect gift for the bartender who has everything because most bartenders don't have their own unique ice mold.

The most common ice molds turn cubes into spheres, but there is a trove of alternative shapes that will excite your mixologist just as much as whomever they are serving.

An ice mold is a classy gift, and these are a couple of our favorites:

Bar Tongs

Although a mixologist will be excited enough to receive an ice mold, consider some tongs if you're looking for something to go with it. They'll need something to retrieve their newly shaped ice, and they'll also be able to use tongs for regular ice cubes.

They can also use the tongs for other things, like grabbing garnishes! Let the professional decide how to use the tool but rest assured, bar tongs are a practical gift with many efficient uses.

Here are some ideas they will be happy to have at their bar:

Mobile Bar Cart

For the entertaining bartender, get them a mobile bar cart. This mixology gift idea is a little more of an investment but one that will surprise and excite your favorite mixologist.

A mobile bar cart can take a bartender wherever they want, so the fun doesn't have to stop at the stationary bar they're most accustomed to.

Here are two attractive options at different price points:

Bar Spoons & Swizzle Sticks

A stirring spoon is another classic mixologist gift item. Why? Every mixologist needs one—cocktail spoons are essential for making some of the most famous, classic cocktails.

A stirring spoon is a perfect gift that your bartender will be grateful for. Every bartender needs one but doesn't always take the time to buy one for themselves. You can also gift them swizzle sticks—another way to stir up drinks (they can be decorative, too!).

These are some of our favorites that are bound to be your mixologist's favorite, too:

Reusable Ice

If you've never heard of reusable ice, you may be scratching your head with this one. But rest assured, it's a fun gift any bartender will enjoy.

Reusable ice isn't the most necessary gift. Still, it is unique, especially if your mixologist is also very passionate about the flavor of their drink and doesn't want it to be affected by melting ice. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and are easy to clean.

Not every bartender needs this, but most will enjoy and appreciate it:


A classic mixologist gift is a muddler. A muddler is used for drinks like mojitos and caipirinhas, and some bartenders like to use them when they're getting inventive.

Here are a few top picks:

Citrus Peeler

Any bartender who cares about the look of their drink will want a peeler. This mixology gift will be helpful for all those cocktails that require a citrus garnish—from the Old Fashioned to a Dry Martini, a high-quality citrus peeler will get a lot of use.

Using a peeler is also a practical gift, as it minimizes the risks of cuts commonly experienced when slicing citrus peels with a paring knife. For their safety and your peace of mind, investigate some of these valuable peelers:


Last but not least, gift your favorite cocktail maker a bundle of Mixly's mixers. While our dear bartender friends love to mix their own drinks, help them take a load off with an elevated drink that they can make without a sweat. Whether a professional bartender or a hobbyist who likes to whip up libations at home, everyone enjoys a drink that doesn't require much prep and effort.


With Mixly Mixers, your favorite bartender can kick back a little while still stirring up delicious tipples made from fresh ingredients. There's bound to be an option for everyone with numerous flavors to choose from.

Happy gifting!

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